The Naturalist Store

This is a good time to go outside and spend time with people you love. I encourage everyone to get off the computer, grab your journal and head outside with friends to play in nature. To honor of getting outside, this store will be closed from Thanksgiving and Black Friday through Cyber Monday. This online store will reopen December 1st. The free blogs and tutorials are still available.

Books by John Muir Laws and Journaling Supplies

I am happy to send you signed and personalized copies of books by John Muir Laws (that’s me!) and my favorite field sketching tools and nature study equipment. All items in this store have been field tested by me and my naturalist friends and we consider them the best out there.

You can read a full description of each product or book by clicking on the picture. Checkout secure and easy with Paypal. You can also use a credit card if you do not have a Paypal account. If you have difficulty with this system, just send me an email and we can handle your order another way. I can only ship to locations within the United States and Canada.


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